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ARTIST_ Cybernerdbaby- DROP 10-10-21

Cybernerdbaby is Malaysian based artist duo who create in Augmented and Virtual reality. Their self-imposed mission (creative vocation and aesthetic propriety, no doubt) is precise: to design their vision of a utopian future, based on the forecasts of differe...
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ARTIST_ Bishal Roy- DROP 10-07-21

Bishal Roy, a.k.a @visualsoptimist, an award-winning artist from the northeastern region of India, clearly possesses a fine sensibility; a condition that allows him to convey powerful emotions in his work with a particular sophistication and an endearing lightness. H...
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New Year, Same Shit

ARTIST_ Ahmed Amin- DROP 10-05-21

Beyond the immeasurable power of the image, sometimes words are a resource of overwhelming forcefulness. 

It is not very common to see them included as such a central part of a piece. And here, however, they are integrated with a certain naturalness as a floating...
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ARTIST_ Soulcraft- DROP 10-03-21

This is a paradigmatic case. Soulcraft, a multi-awarded photographer of renowned trajectory, chooses to share his work in Suspended Soul, a platform whose philosophy is built around the firm conviction that each work is, precisely, a piece of the soul of its creator.&...
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ARTIST_ Matty Furious- DROP 09-28-21

Matty Furious is a pioneer. One of the artists of the "early days". His artistic pieces have accompanied the growth of the crypto-art ecosystem from the birth of SuperRare to the present day. But he is not only an OG. As he describes himself, Matty Furio...

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