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ARTIST_ Orabelart- DROP 08-15-21

Orabela's work is of an inexorable emotional power: the palpable force of desire, the exquisite load of melancholy, the presence of the glorified feminine figure as a central axis; all pieces of a puzzle that make up the signature of this magnificent French graphic de...

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ARTIST_ Akshay Durugkar- DROP 08-08-21

Suddenly we realize that cities speak, that each billboard tells something about us. That this universe of glowing neon lights is, for those who look at it for the first time, the manifesto of the place where we live. 

What specifically to look at when ...
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ARTIST_ Leonid Nikolaev- DROP 08-03-21

"Who are we? We are only consumers, obsessed with the trappings of prosperity". These are the words with which Leonid Nikolaev complements the very powerful image he composed in IDOL. A piece with a powerful denunciation force, macabre, and at the same...
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Legends of Metaverse

ARTIST_ Abed Sabeh- DROP 08-01-21

Legends of the Metaverse is a scene of interaction. A work of theatrical gestures, like the grand finale of a musical staging. Like a chorus, a group of eccentric figures represent the ritual of network communication. Social media icons and metaverse artists. In...
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The Extinction

ARTIST_ Archangel- DROP 07-29-21

Archangel's fascination for occultism and hyper surrealism becomes an inescapable force for those of us who are spectators of his work. Darkness has a voice of its own in his pieces, full of gothic and occult symbolism. 
Extinction presents us, precisely, with a m...
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