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Zombie Rabbit NO. 3

ARTIST_ Ulka Mak- DROP 07-11-21

Ulka describes herself as a crazy creator. She draws her pieces under that premise: to build a universe of delirious and wonderful cartoons. Her characters, like this little zombie rabbit (the third in her series) are a display of fluorescence, of bright colors th...

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ARTIST_ Lucid Mountain- DROP 07-08-21

Moksha attracted us by the force of a first impression: the opposition between immobility and change. Between permanence and immanence. And the truth is that Moksha is precisely a journey: a spiritual passage. Perhaps a journey towards the purest and most pe...

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ARTIST_ CFW - DROP 07-06-21

The first thing that struck us about Tonic was its almost painful beauty; its emotionally charged composition. Because at first glance we see a divided figure: a meditating body, ruminating on an idea. With a reflective gesture, looking down, and at the same time...

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ARTIST_ Itzameprat - DROP 07-04-21

Itzameprat is 18 years old and has already built a portfolio of very recognizable pieces. A fundamental achievement in an artist.  Strongly influenced by the retrowave phenomenon, in his pieces we feel that noir vibe, that surreal atmosphere composed ...
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ARTIST_ Lee Su Yeon - DROP 07-01-21

Lee Su Yeon's talent is unique, out of the box. That's why her artistic posts are viral, and each of her works receives thousands of admiring comments when she shares them. At just 21 years old, this South Korean artist has managed to build a world that i...
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