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ARTIST_ Aria Faith Jones - DROP 06-14-21

Enigmatic and profound, this is how "Twisted soul" is instantly presented to us; a piece in which sounds that remind us both of the crackling of fire as a primordial force of nature and of sonorities typical of a technological world that of...

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ARTIST_ Nakdtoys - DROP 06-13-21

What better description than the words of the author himself. @Nakdtoys is an artist with unparalleled creative resources. His ability to create with humor, irony, subtlety and technical innovation in equal measure and at an exquisite level make him a unique...

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ARTIST_ Batmax - DROP 06-12-21

"How would you feel about getting therapy from a robot? Emotionally intelligent machines may not be as far away as it seems". This is the premise that Batmax proposes to address with its Area 69. Over the years, Artificial Intelligence has evolved in its ...

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ARTIST_ Sid - DROP 06-11-21

Sid invites us on a mythological journey. His work is a vertiginous journey to the height of power: Suspended above the ice in which she was asleep, Hestia rises powerfully and sets out to regain her kingdom; her right. It is a ritual of forces, a cosmic fight. The in...

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ARTIST_ Willea Zwey - DROP 06-10-21

Harvest is a monumental work. In every sense. Not only for its narrative, which is forceful and emotional, but also for the way in which the space is occupied, for the angle of reading proposed, for the strength of the action represented. Harvest is a tit...

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