Sacred Temple

18.10.21 04:21 PM By Curator Team

ARTIST_ Victoria Lopez- DROP 10-20-21

The Powerful Soul collection reaches an indispensable instance with the appreciation that @LopiArt brings with its wonderful "Sacred Temple". It is about the consideration of our body as a sacred resource, as a temple of, precisely, our powerful spirit. The work confronts us with a woman in a beautiful garden, in a vibrant instant, in the fullness of a unique moment. A reference to the "original state" and to the loving bond with oneself, which tinges everything with peace. 

As she herself says, and as anyone who identifies with the description of the work can confirm, learning to love one's own body has always been a difficult process: "The media have always presented unrealistic beauty standards; from magazines with photoshop, to unhealthy filters in our social networks, to applications that edit our body beyond recognition. Our reality of a "natural body" has become so distorted that it's hard to remember what a natural body really looks like."

The starting point of this conceptual journey is, moreover, a summons, as most artworks interested in conjunctural issues usually are: 

It is about embarking on a journey towards acceptance. With all the difficulties it implies, but with the certainty that the destination is a space of light, a flowery garden.

The body needs to be protected and cared for. But above all, celebrated. 

Lopiart invites us to walk a path, step by step. To do so, she makes use of his creative resources and her acute compositional sense. A valley, a garden of mythological characteristics at the same time as close, one would say: probable. In the center the joyful figure of a woman who becomes one with nature, under a threshold that could well represent a discovery, a step towards a better instance. 

LopiArt has already accustomed us to the representation of fundamental narratives: the birth of Venus, the creation (of Eve), a reimagining of the last supper. It is a re-signification of the female figure, of her participation in history, of her place in our imaginary and of her inheritance. But also of its actuality and in Sacred Temple, it is about the link with the body and it is a work that challenges us all with its power and offers us at the same time a warm and loving embrace, for its style but also for its message. A fundamental piece for the present collection.
Artist BIO

Argentinean 2D/3D crypto artist and game developer, currently living in the US. I am passionate about illustrating subjects that are important to me.

Meeting the Artist
SS: Where are you from and are you currently residing there?

VL: I am from Córdoba, Argentina. I currently reside in the US

SS: At what point in your life did you recognize yourself as an artist.

VL: Since I was young, I had an interest in art and animation. I started taking animation classes when I was 12 years old, and attending figure drawing sessions and art classes. Since then I never stopped learning new skills, and perfecting the ones I already knew. I have been pushing myself and my art ever since.

SS: When and how did you get involved with cryptoart?

VL: I got involved in crypto art in March 2021. I had been following Beeple for a while and I remember around that time he posted an Instagram story about "what are NFTs". Out of curiosity, I swiped up, read the whole article, and the rest is history

SS: How did you get inspired to create this drop/soul?

VL: I got inspired by a post from one of my online friends. She posted in her Instagram how her body image struggled after giving birth to her baby due to constant society pressure to look perfect. She talked about how it overwhelmed her with shame and hate, instead of appreciating the beauty of her new mom body. And this got me extremely upset, as giving birth to a baby should be something beautiful and celebrated, but instead these unrealistic body image goals that is shoved in our faces daily by mainstream media, indeed damage our self esteem and have serious consequences on our mental health. So, I started thinking, that is not just new moms, but also people around the world like me, who struggle with these unrealistic beauty standards. And I noticed how big of a problem this is, and how little is spoken about. So I decided to create a piece of art to celebrate our bodies, and to show that there is no "perfect" version of ourselves in this world, as we are already perfect the way we came to this world. I really hope my work does inspire, and lift the self esteem of my friend, and all of those who struggle with these issues, including myself.

SS: What do you do when you are not making art?

VL: I love to speak with friends and family when I am not making art! I also love to cook Italian food from scratch with my husband while listening to Italian music in Spotify! It's the best! Oh! And I love to read books, mostly about finance, technology and self growth! My favorite place to read books is in the beach, always in the shadow, under an umbrella.

SS: Roadmap
VL: Collector of this work will receive an animated physical print!