Lunar Tides

21.10.21 09:41 PM By Curator Team

ARTIST_ Daisa TJ- DROP 10-22-21

Daisa is a Brazilian artist of multiple formation who uses photography as a central tool of expression among a palette of narrative resources acquired through study and experience. Her work, therefore, is that of a film director in charge of a free gaze, a carefully selected lens and a fantastic universe waiting to be summoned. The final combination is the inauguration of a fantasy, and each of Daisa's pieces ratifies this.

Her world is composed of a hundred moments captured by a lens in the fullness of its magic. As a tonic: the female figure. As if to accompany the woman through multiple states in order to capture her wonder. The free woman who comes into contact with other forms (as in First Contact, in Rarible) but also the deepest part of her character, the root of her power, her struggles, her personal moments, in short, her link with existence. And above all, the beauty of the composition for the composition itself, to which Daisa adds the strength of a message. Pieces such as Hold your breath or Equilibrium (both in Foundation) illustrate the narrative power of her aesthetic proposal.

Our connection with the cosmos and more particularly with the closest stars has always been an inspiration for all artists throughout our creative history. In Lunar Tides, Daisa narrows the distance with the moon to the point where she transports us to her side. The moon as a support for a swing, but also as a support for a state of abstraction in which the mind sways, relaxes, lets go. A dreamlike visual fantasy in which clouds and light atmospheres are superimposed around the figure of a woman, who is lost in the depths of a dream, as if floating, at peace. A spirit that wavers on the tides of the moons. An encounter with forces that have always influenced us and are part of us. 

The gray palette accentuates the dreamy sensation. The silver bounces of light remind us that the moon is shining and allow us to imagine a temperature, a climate. A waking dream, a journey above the clouds, another magical moment that Daisa imagines, composes and perpetuates for our delight. 

Artist BIO

A Brazilian visual creator and photographer. Passionate about creating fantastic compositions and portraits of women.

Meeting the Artist
SS: Where are you from and are you currently residing there?

DT: I am from Brazil and live here in the south of Brazil.

SS: At what point in your life did you recognize yourself as an artist.

DT: To be honest, the title 'artist' just this year, a few months before I got involved with NFTs, before I used to say 'photographer'.

SS: When and how did you get involved with cryptoart?

DT: I started studying NFT and crypto art in March when I saw a Tweet about it and got my attention. But I really got into as an artist in April.

SS: How did you get inspired to create this drop/soul?

DT: I had the concept for this piece before, but I didn't execute it earlier. Im glad tho, because it makes total sense with 'Suspended Soul' overall concept and it motivated me to bring to life this artistic vision of dreaming awake above the clouds.

SS: What do you do when you are not making art?

DT: I watch movies and play games with my friends. I also have a freelance job, mostly writing, a bit creative. In the summer I go to the beach. 

SS: Roadmap
DT: For the future, I intend to create a new Collection on OS mixing photography and manipulation, the common theme will be the 4 elements and the combination of them. I have been using my time to create value for the community and help my fellow Brazilian artists. Currently, I have one sold-out Photography Collection and the second half sold, with a second drop previewed by the end of the year. In visual creations, I have a few pieces sold on FND and some available for purchasing.

SS: Anything else you want to say or comment

DT:  I appreciate the invite to participate in this amazing month of Suspended Soul.
It's a piece lens-based, a self-portrait composed with graphics and photography to visually create a unique piece.