Feeling Torn

20.10.21 01:22 PM By Curator Team

ARTIST_ Kira Bursky- DROP 10-21-21

Kira Bursky, also known as the head of All Around Artsy, is an award-winning multidisciplinary artist dedicated to the task of exploring perceptions of reality in each of her artworks. She is inspired by mental health and is driven to tell stories about our ability to transform our minds and hearts into a perspective of infinite possibility. "Feeling Torn" introduces us to her as a digital illustrator, but also, ratifies the author's just mentioned interest in exploring subconsciousness and the depths of the human perceptual force. It is an exploration that is, at the same time, a method.

Kira tells us that she faces the blank paper and lets herself be carried away by the creative impulse. It is as the work progresses that she interprets it and, in turn, composes it. What emerges as part of this intuitive process? Well, visual and conceptual wonders. Feeling Torn is one of them.

As the lines are constituted, shapes are discovered: Two faces facing each other, composed on the basis of opsition. Where one is black, the other is white. Where one is white, the other is black. Filled or empty, these are two faces of the same thing. And it is precisely these two faces that are observed in this first instance. Then the appearance of the figure. Rupestrian forms that intertwine, take each other by the hand, connect. And yet, in the center, a figure is dismembered. It splits in two, as if dragged by two opposing forces impossible to appease. On the sides, the faces seem to follow a sinuous but infinite flow that disappears at one end to appear at the other, while in the middle we feel exactly the opposite: the point of energetic loss, the broken link. The torn.

Kira speaks to all of us: We have felt that pain, the sound that produces the rupture. But she urges us to think about the whys and wherefores. It is an instant that can be healed. The mission is to find again the meeting point in which to find ourselves, the necessary balance.

Undoubtedly, a piece of exquisite depth, indispensable also in the evolution of a collection in which the encounter with oneself is almost a constant. The expression of a degree of collective consciousness of the need for healing that Kira presents in black and white but that keeps the colorful secret of balance and peace.

Feeling Torn is proof of the compositional acuity that is achieved when sensitivity and intuition work together. Like the old cave paintings whose aroma Kira brings to us, in Feeling Torn the teaching is also archetypal and foundational.
Artist BIO

All Around Artsy was founded in 2009 by Kira Bursky, an award-winning filmmaker and multidisciplinary artist on a journey to explore perceptions of reality with each of her magic-fueled films and projects. She is inspired by mental health and is driven to tell stories of our ability to transform our minds and hearts into a perspective of infinite possibility. She has produced over 60 short films and music videos that have screened at festivals around the world from Los Angeles to Berlin to Beijing. In 2014 Kira was recognized as National Young Arts Finalist and was a finalist in the White House Student Film Festival where she had the honor of screening her work in the White House. In 2015 Kira was selected as the Best Emerging Female Filmmaker at the National Film Festival for Talented Youth (NFFTY). In 2016 she was featured in Seventeen Magazine as the April issue's Power Girl and received the Emerging Artist to Watch grant through Le Couvent artist residency in France. Kir aand her creations have been featured through NPR, Out Magazine, Pride and No Film School to name a few. Her YouTube channel has 40,000 subscribers and 14 million views. From November 2019 to June 2020 Kira produced "Considerations of Infinity," an immersive projection-based film installation. She is currently developing the script for her first feature film, designing and selling clothes and products featuring her original art, and spending her days adventuring in the NFT cryptoverse.

Meeting the Artist
SS: Where are you from and are you currently residing there?

KB: I'm originally from Nyack, New York. I've been living in Greenville, SC for the past year. Before that, I was based in Asheville, NC for 10 years.

SS: At what point in your life did you recognize yourself as an artist.

KB: My whole life I have always gravitated towards art. I have vivid memories of drawing, singing, dancing, acting and animating from when I was only 7 or 8 years old. Being an artist has always been a natural part of me and how I live my life.

SS: When and how did you get involved with cryptoart?

KB: About 6 months ago I had a phone call with my brother Jeremy. He told me all about this crazy cool thing called "NFTs." He explained blockchain, cryptoart, the insane sales taking place, etc. He told me that I should look into selling my art as NFTs ASAP! At first I was completely confused by this new concept...Non-fungible-what?! Eventually, I did my own research and finally took my first steps into the crypto world... Now I'm 100% obsessed and the rest is history!

SS: How did you get inspired to create this drop/soul?

KB: This drop, like most of my art, came from a completely subconscious and intuitive place... I sat down to create and was just along from the ride! What would emerge? What would my soul say today?! I did not have a particular "plan" in mind. I allowed the deepest parts of myself to be expressed in any way they pleased in a self-reflective, meditative, stream of consciousness sort of flow..

SS: What do you do when you are not making art?

KB: When I am not making art I am crafting cinnamon vanilla oat milk iced lattes using my cocktail shaker, meditating, reading books about quantum physics and the mind, practicing drums, picking jalapenos from my garden, daydreaming about decorating my hypothetical future weird & artsy dream home, deciding on where in the world I want to journey to next, and, well, a whole lot of other things! Everyday is a new adventure.

SS: Roadmap
KB: I am working on my biggest collection yet: "Emotion Check-In."
“Emotion Check-In” is an NFT collection of daily subconscious drawings by artist Kira Bursky of All Around Artsy. A celebration of creative intuition and a reminder of self-care, Kira hopes this collection can help inspire people to take time for their mental health. In the spirit of the project, Kira will follow the guidance of her heart on the final number of NFTs in this collection. However, there will be no more than 1,000 original 1/1 drawings created (as well as a few additional collector surprises!). The collection’s number order reflects the chronological timeline of Kira’s emotion check-ins. When looking through, you may be able to distinguish morning from night, or one day versus another. The first official public drop of the first 50 NFTs in the collection is October 20. Price is 0.05 $ETH. Roadmap can be found here:https://www.allaroundartsy.com/emotion-check-in