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ARTIST_ Rebecca Bathory- DROP 10-23-21

Rebecca gives us the condensation of an emotion as brief as a sigh in an eternal portrait. 

Breakthrough develops in the depth of a fundamental breath in which that transit between inhaling and exhaling signifies a universe of changes. The wonder of her piece is also in the lightness with which she graphs such a metamorphosis. 

A naked figure in front of a window at the edge of an abandoned room generates in itself the opposition between two spaces, one interior and one exterior, but also between two realities, two color palettes, two climates, even two types of air. The window, born as a threshold, is a border. 

But there is not a hint of density in the composition, nor of urgency. On the contrary, one senses in the model's posture a serenity that is both powerful and subtle. A foot is already preparing to move forward because that is also what it is about, a movement that is not represented but is present. Because one senses the desire to move forward, even if it is not a force in the heart of the protagonist. 

Rebecca describes her piece as a mutation, as the beginning of a new chapter. From vulnerability to mastery of the future. Ahead, the abyss of the possible, but now it shines instead of offering itself as a dark well. 

It is also about possession, about assuming one's own strength and courage, about finding within oneself what is necessary to overcome what destiny has in store for us. But at the same time, it is a collective gesture: to advance shoulder to shoulder with all those who are on the same path; in the same passage. And the ritual acquires dimensions of common strength after discovering that we are no longer alone but that we are being accompanied. The women unite, leave fear aside because they are accompanied and finally, they take control of their own destiny. The epic of a personal transformation of community impact portrayed under the sensitive lens of an artist who interprets the value of that second, of that breath, of that decision, as a fundamental mystery that must be recorded. But also the epic of a personal struggle, the portrait of a pain crossed and the metaphor (which is part of Rebecca's compositional style in which the locations are a primary narrative element) of even in the ruin, in the surreality of the abandoned territory, the way to move forward, to transform oneself. Always restless in the search for territories that are no longer traveled with the idea of resignifying them, of rescuing them. A piece that is the portrait of a mutation as painful as it is beautiful.

An indispensable piece for the Powerful Souls collection.

Artist BIO
Finding beauty in darkness, poetry and meaning in thforgotten and surreal, imaginary worlds amongst decay.
Rebecca's artworks breathe life into forgotten historical locations, they reawaken old narratives, find beauty anmeaning in their ruin and revive the memories of losmoments in places tainted by humansUnseen to the ordinary public who pass their boarded windows and fenced walls, no trespass signs refrain communities from seeing the hidden world within, slowly being claimed back by nature unseen. Rebecca finds entry to these mystical places hidden to the world and sensitively captures them as a beautiful record, as they deserve to be recorded for posterity too, before they are lost as time rolls inexorably on. She captures the stories and characteristic through carefully composed images, to include the romantiscm and memories of the ruins.
In reality these places will cease to exist very soon and as the memories fade, they will be forgotten and although derelict places have no appeal as tourist destinations, their
value and place in cultural memory is fundamental to thhistory of the 20th century. Her works also add elements of the surreal and mythology through her Underworld seriesthese works further take you down the rabbit hole into a world of dreams and the haunting, shadowy passing of time.
Meeting the Artist
SS: Where are you from and are you currently residing there?

RB: I’m from London UK currently living in Essex

SS: At what point in your life did you recognize yourself as an artist.

RB:I think I was born an artist, I have dyslexia so I have difficulty with academic things. In school I always loved doing artistic things and aged 20 I fell in love with photography and I’ve been doing it ever since. I for the last 15 years I’ve travelled around the world searching out abandoned buildings to photograph. Ive published 4 photography books.

SS: When and how did you get involved with cryptoart?

RB: In March my friend Tina Eisen posted something oFacebook about NFTs and got me curious. She gave me a Foundation invite and I sold my first NFT a month later. I've loved getting to know the community on Twitter and making so many new friends. Of course I am also forever grateful to collectors who have collected my work

SS: How did you get inspired to create this drop/soul?

RB: I took this photo at a transition in my life. I had been photographing abandoned building for 10 years, the same amount of time I had been with my ex. He told me after this long he didn’t want to have children and I felt lost, we agreed not to be together anymore. I took this photograpat that time, I felt vulnerable and lost, but I was moving on, breaking through the pain and looking to the future with hope that one day would become a mum. I was looking towards a brighter future and I felt strong and powerful as a woman.

SS: What do you do when you are not making art?

RB: I love travelling, curiosities and looking after my son Ezekiewho is 3 and daughter Lilith who is 1. I’m currently in the last month of a PhD in dark tourism photography and I’m renovating a church into our home.

SS: Roadmap
RB: I currently have a collection 'Chernobyl', from my visits to the abandoned nuclear town. When this is sold out, in the future, I will release my 'Dark Goddesses Collection', empowering women, who are a minority in the NFT world.