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ARTIST_ Varvara Alay- DROP 10-24-21

Varvara is a multi-award winning Russian graphic designer and illustrator who brings to life the elaborate paracosms of her dream space. Her distinctive style is defined by surreal motifs, striking colors and abstract shapes, composed by using the countless resources offered by the digital collage technique. But also, and above all, her style is defined by the particularity of the creative universe she deploys: it seems to embrace both the multiforms of 20th century collage as well as modern and daring color aesthetics (her piece 'Genesis' in Foundation is a fantastic example of this) and at the same time, masterfully importing elements and references from the past.
Her work 'Genesis 13 - The Impossible Creatures' reminds us of El Bosco with his garden full of particular beings and that is what it is all about: the creation of a fantasy universe where the author is in turn the giver of life and the characters that populate it, her work.  Exuberant scenes full of visual interest, of fantastic compositional harmony. And among plants formed by juxtapositions and insinuated figures (Arcimboldo also present!), we walk through the Renaissance and we stop in surrealism, in its dreamlike nuance, in the magical narrative of the dreamed forms. 

Angels introduces us to the "heralds of love, mercy and beauty". Celestial beings who descend upon the world in many disguises to whom we may not listen. Varvara makes it clear: "We may not hear the rustle of their wings, nor feel the feathery touch of their presence." 

The secret lies in the suspension, in the lightweight expression of these hybrid entities that float in what seems to be a botanical fantasy of free sclas: Are these beings small and difficult to observe? Do the flowers acquire particular dimensions in this microcosm? The beauty and complexity of each Angel is fascinating: small harlequins with beautiful wings, looking starstruck, as if they came out of a wonderland. 

To go through Varvara Alay's work is to enter a universe that speaks a language of its own, full of sophistication and elegance as well as narrative power and emotionality. Her works are full but light, where the forms are as free as they can ever be.
Varvara's work has appeared in L'Officiel, Harper's Bazaar, Esquire, Marie Claire and GQ, among others, and there is no doubt that it is because her voice is unique and has an inescapable charm. For our platform, to have one of her works displayed is a true honor.

Artist BIO
Varvara is an award-winning graphic designer and illustratowho brings to life the elaborate paracosms of her dreams.
Her distinctive style is defined by surrealist motifs, bold colours and abstract shapes.
Varvara's work has been featured in L’Officiel, Harper’s Bazaar, Esquire, Marie Claire, GQ, and others. She has illustrated several children's books and board games.
Varvara currently teaches BA and MA illustration ananimation courses, as well as creative art courses for children.
Meeting the Artist
SS: Where are you from and are you currently residing there?

VA: I am from Moscow, Russia, where I currently reside. I also spent some time living in France.

SS: At what point in your life did you recognize yourself as an artist.

VA: My grandmother was a painter, and my mother was an illustrator - so I think I was born into this...

SS: When and how did you get involved with cryptoart?

VA: A friend of mine introduced me to NFTs back in June 2021explained how everything works and even helped me set up my Metamask wallet.

SS: How did you get inspired to create this drop/soul?

VA: I have an entire series of Angels and was waiting for the perfect opportunity to reveal it. As all the Angels are "suspended" - it felt like a perfect fit for SS.

SS: What do you do when you are not making art?

VA: I teach children's creative art classes - my one true passion...

Digital Collage, PhotoShop. The Collector can request a signed 1/1 Giclée print on Hahnemühle German Etching paper.