ARTIST_ Jacek Pilarski  - DROP 11-22-21

Refinery stunningly exposes a future about current issues such as the generation of energy systems for the sustainability and development of human life, using a narrative proper of sci-fi art. This epic artwork is not a solitary piece is part of a per...
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Beneath the surface

ARTIST_ Linda Kristiansen - DROP 11-21-21

Have you ever felt that life has overtaken you? The encounter with moments generates unbearable crossroads. Suddenly, everything is hazy and contradictory. Heaviness materializes in the body as it floats weightless in the water, just waiting for a f...
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El Monte de Venus

ARTIST_ Franco Bellavita & Melisa Colome - DROP 11-20-21

Franco Bellavita & Melisa Colome are two multidisciplinary Argentinean artists. Their collaborative creations are an exquisite and playful mixture of figures where nature and classical artwork have an outstanding role. In thei...
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All the women that I am

ARTIST_ Ana Regina García - DROP 11-19-21

The multiple manifestations of our selves that come to the surface sometimes offer some brief certainties about who we are, only to then dissolve in an incessant flow of sensations: does it matter to build an unwavering statement about who we are, d...
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Am I Beautiful?

ARTIST_ Karisma  - DROP 11-18-21

Karisma gives life to pieces (a cosmos of forms, characters, mythologies or simple narrative abstractions, perhaps stories) that do not exist. According to him, when the viewer embraces them, they come to life. It is that they begin to be. 

We are talkin...
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