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ARTIST_ Victor Fota  - DROP 11-16-21

Victor Fota is a phenomenal artist. His link with art has its origins in early childhood and his technical and conceptual training as well: he is a graduate of the University of Fine Arts in Bucharest. He has a Bachelor degree and a Masters degree in Art...
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ARTIST_ Crown & Palette  - DROP 11-15-21

Andrea is a Canadian multidisciplinary artist, devoted to the passion of building 2D scenes inspired by the values of spiritual, astrological and female empowerment narratives. 

Her works have been part of the NFT ecosystem for many months, b...
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the heaviest bags

ARTIST_ AMBO - DROP 11-13-21

Everyday life may not always be as wonderful and enchanting as the virtual spheres present it. The weariness, the anguish, the oppression of existing in a world that insists on convincing ourselves that there is no place for all threatens to break us, even though thi...
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ARTIST_ Glass Crown - DROP 11-12-21

Parallel worlds that simultaneously happen, multiple universes, and endless possibilities are projected when the oneiric world lands on reality like a butterfly that brings with it the destruction of all known standards. Distance proposes us to realize that th...
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ARTIST_ Luna Leonis - DROP 11-11-21

The motion present in every process of inner development is oscillating and involves false impressions as well as profound truths about the experience of existing in this world. Intangible treasures that can be kept in the conscience, and shared in the do...
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