ARTIST_ Matty Furious- DROP 09-28-21

Matty Furious is a pioneer. One of the artists of the "early days". His artistic pieces have accompanied the growth of the crypto-art ecosystem from the birth of SuperRare to the present day. But he is not only an OG. As he describes himself, Matty Furio...

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The Old Fear of the New

ARTIST_ Omentejovem- DROP 09-30-21

Omentejovem is a brilliant 19-year-old artist from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. If we mention his age, it is because we consider it a significant fact: not only because it means that he has a long and happy future ahead of him (his present is already brilliant, certainly...
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The Soul Exchanger

ARTIST_ Ahad- DROP 09-26-21

Wiresandtress is an explorer of a frontier region, of a "bridge" state: that which happens between dreams and nightmares. We already know him, as we were proud to auction his work "Lost in dreamfields" in our inaugural set. The characteristics of his ar...
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The Ghost

ARTIST_ Midhun Santh- DROP 09-23-21

Midhun, a.k.a. The Ghost, is a landscape photographer, cinematographer and 3D artist with a wonderful talent in the use of software and engines among which he highlights Unreal Engine and Blender. From his hometown Palakkad, Midhun devotes much of his energy t...
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ARTIST_ Duajisin- DROP 09-21-21

Andras Ferenczy, a.k.a @DUAJISIN is a self-taught illustrator and animator from Cluj, Romania, who explores in his work different types of storytelling, character creation and visual world building. 

A tour of his work ratifies what he tells us in relation to ...
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