ARTIST_ Varvara Alay- DROP 10-24-21

Varvara is a multi-award winning Russian graphic designer and illustrator who brings to life the elaborate paracosms of her dream space. Her distinctive style is defined by surreal motifs, striking colors and abstract shapes, composed by using the countless resourc...
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ARTIST_ Rebecca Bathory- DROP 10-23-21

Rebecca gives us the condensation of an emotion as brief as a sigh in an eternal portrait. 

Breakthrough develops in the depth of a fundamental breath in which that transit between inhaling and exhaling signifies a universe of changes. The wonder of her...
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Lunar Tides

ARTIST_ Daisa TJ- DROP 10-22-21

Daisa is a Brazilian artist of multiple formation who uses photography as a central tool of expression among a palette of narrative resources acquired through study and experience. Her work, therefore, is that of a film director in charge of a free gaze, a careful...

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Feeling Torn

ARTIST_ Kira Bursky- DROP 10-21-21

Kira Bursky, also known as the head of All Around Artsy, is an award-winning multidisciplinary artist dedicated to the task of exploring perceptions of reality in each of her artworks. She is inspired by mental health and is driven to tell stories about our abi...

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Sacred Temple

ARTIST_ Victoria Lopez- DROP 10-20-21

The Powerful Soul collection reaches an indispensable instance with the appreciation that @LopiArt brings with its wonderful "Sacred Temple". It is about the consideration of our body as a sacred resource, as a temple of, precisely, our powerful sp...
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